Kabocha obsession – over

Kabocha Cream Cake

The end of fall marked the end of my obsession.  Kabocha, also known as a Japanese pumpkin, was fun while it lasted. I even tossed it in Thai curry, but I forgot to take a picture of it. :)

The image above is kabocha cream between layers of genoise, topped with kabocha puree and graham cracker crumbs. I found this recipe at NoRecipe.com. I thought that the kabocha was sweet enough to make an awesome dessert and google directed me there. :) The directions were excellent and I loved the results. I’ve actually used the same pumpkin poaching method to make the puree for all of the kabocha yummies below.

I took some of the kabocha puree from the previous cake recipe and blended it with milk.

Kabocha puree + coconut milk, topped with cinnamon.

Kabocha mousse with kabocha flavored whipped cream topped with chocolate truffle shavings.

I had the husband add some kabocha puree to the pancake mix.

Kabocha cream layered with graham cracker crumbs.

Kabocha Pound Cake with a Rum Glaze

Kabocha muffin still cooling in the pan. I had to snap a picture before the husband snatches another one. It's topped with cinnamon and a halved walnut.

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